Hackschooling and Bud Hunt’s

Okay, to begin with, I loved that Logan LaPlante was a student and gave his speech through TED Talk. As a child, I wanted to be a Nebraska Husker volleyball player and a vet. Those were my big dreams and my older peers tried helping me strive to do just that. They wanted me to be successful. At that age though, I did not really want to work forward to that. I just wanted to live in the moment and play volleyball where it was more fun than it was competitive. I think that him wanting to be happy when he grows up builds up a case against schools killing creativity. This does not mean that schools have to change what they are teaching but rather how they are teaching and what they can do to get the students involved in the activities. As stated in the “Centering on Essential Lenses,” written by Bud the Teacher, it states that students learn more and better and fuller and richer when they are making something to demonstrate their learning. I think that this so true! Not everybody is a hands on learner but I think that this simple tool that is incorporated in the classroom can help reach out to more students than not.
One major thing I took from the video and article is that hackschooling is definitely not a bad thing. In a way,I believe it just allows more solutions to a problem to be acceptable. For example, if a student is asked to figure out what they need to add to the number 3 to get 6, the only answer will not be 3. There are many solutions to the problem and with this hackschooling method, it allows a student to be more free in finding an answer that works.
Now with this method, I think it helps young students to think creatively which will help an individual student become unique and succeed more in the way that that makes them different from everybody else. This hackschooling also allows room for things to even be taught differently rather than just focused on one way to teach to the group of students. This could mean that teachers will see more success with their students so they will learn to adapt to getting information across to the students through hands on methods instead of relying on lectures or just demonstrating. Overall, hackschooling I think really allows students to grow on their own while learning.





  1. Genessa, I too loved this TED talk! This is my favorite one I have seen so far. I completely agree that hack schooling has a bed reputation just because of the work hack, but it indeed is not a bad thing at all. Great post thank you for sharing!


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